grantler recordsa home for direct, imperfect and honest music

hello folks,
we are a munich based record label. founded in 2020.
our goal is to support music that touches us and hopefully many others as well.

we are very much into physical media such as vinyl and tape. we also enjoy deejaying.

  • New Release: Grantsalat 1

    cover of release
    we are happy to announce the release of Grantsalat 1. it is available as download and on recycled audio cassettes. each of them is a handcrafted unique piece filled with music from people who often recorded it with limited resources and a lot of passion
  • silent sex - ouvertuere in e moll

    silent sex will play a live coding set today at the end of the future at stadtwerkstatt linz.
  • Lens Arc - Monolith / Receptor

    and yet another Lens Arc (re)release. please feel free to message us if you are interested in tapes.
  • Lens Arc - Paper Walls

    we are happy to re-release Paper Walls by Lens Arc. it is available on all major streaming services. and on tape.
  • coming soon

    more content is hopefully coming soon.
  • hello world

    we are happy to announce that we are finally alive.
if you are interested in what we are doing or want to collaborate with us, please do not hestitate to get in touch with us via
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